Can You Kin A Real Person?

What makes a comfort character?

The typical comfort character is usually protective of their loved ones and is caring and loyal.

Think Harry Potter’s dopey best friend Ron Weasley, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, or Sugawara, the “mom-friend” from the anime Haikyu..

Can you kin a comfort character?

comfort character = character you don’t identify as but you find comfort in! they can be your fave character from a tv show or something that you love a lot and find comfort in! kin = character or animal/thing you identify as and view yourself as!

What does kinning mean?

simply being putKinning a character, simply being put, is roleplaying or acting as a specific character. These people usually believe they share a connection with these fictional characters and identify as them. Fictionkin often believe that they are/were a fictional character or species either now or in a past life.

How do you know your kins?

How to Find your KintypeAsk yourself what makes you feel like you might be kin. … Write down all the evidence you believe points at you being kin, and look for a pattern in it.Analyze that pattern. … Once you have used the evidence to narrow down your search, start looking at different kintypes you think might fit your feelings.More items…

What does Kinnie mean in anime?

“Kinnie” is referring to otherkin and/or fictionkin. That’s what it initially meant, though it’s really not a popular word in more serious alterhuman circles.

What does it mean to kin a fictional character?

‘Fictionkin’ (formerly called ‘otakukin’ or ‘mediakin’) are those who identify as something that is considered fictional, typically a fictional character(s) or species, though that character may not always be directly mentioned in the canon of their source material.

Can you kin more than one character?

Yes! There are many people who kin as more than one character from a certain franchise/game/anime/etc.

What is a comfort person?

Once in a while, a special type of person will come into your life – a “comfort person”. Somehow this person is able to stop even the worst anxiety or depressive episode right in its tracks. Hearing their voice or even reading a text from them is like being enveloped by the warmest, softest blanket.

Can you kin an OC?

yes, you can, and you wouldn’t be alone. This is such a common question, and OCkin are super common so it’s always just a little surprising that it’s still getting asked. There’s plenty of OC folks around, and you’re one of them.

What is a kin memory?

kin memories are basically something from your senses that originated from the life of your kintype. it might sound confusing, but it really isn’t. it could mean something. visual, like images or scenarios you remember experiencing or seeing.

What does it mean if you kin someone?

to form or have that kind of connectionto kin someone = to form or have that kind of connection.

How do you get Kin memories?

try to feel as close to your kintype as you can– meaning, do things you liked to do, eat the foods you liked, listen to the music you liked (if you liked music, or had it at all). you can try to roleplay as yourself if that’s something you’re interested in. watch/read/play/listen to your canon often.

What does it mean when you kin an anime character?

otakukinNoun. otakukin (plural otakukin) (Internet, sometimes capitalized) A person who claims or believes that their soul is a reincarnation or parallel incarnation of a fictional character (especially, from anime, manga, or video games).

What is kin shifting?

What is a kinshift? kins-ly answered: It’s when you feel more like your kin. There are two types of shifts: – Mental, which is where you mentally act more like your kin, and feel more like your kin.

What is a comfort Sona?

I think it’s slightly different for everyone but mainly I’d say it’s a character which has great importance in helping somone cope with something or a specific issue. When they draw/use them they feel calmer and more relaxed etc.

What’s a Kinnie?

Kinnie is a carbonated soft drink from Malta. It was first developed in 1952 by Simonds Farsons Cisk in Malta. … Kinnie is drunk straight or mixed with alcohol to create a mixed drink. Unlike cola products Kennie actually quenches thirst. The taste takes some getting used to.

How do you know if you kin someone?

general questions that varies from person to person. the best way to tell is to think about it, try out the identity if you want to. if you feel a deep connection to a character or species, believe that it is you or was you, think “that’s me” when you see them, etc, you could be fictionkin!