How Do You Use Back And Forth In A Sentence?

What does go back and forth mean?


The definition of back and forth is going from one place to another and then returning to the first location, often over and over again.

An example of back and forth is when a person goes to LA, then to San Francisco, then back to LA, then back to San Francisco again.



What does it mean to put forth effort?

1. To exert, assert, or expend something, especially effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between “put” and “forth.” They played competently, but they just didn’t put forth enough effort to win.

What is forth used for?

Forth is used in the Open Firmware boot loader, in space applications such as the Philae spacecraft, and in other embedded systems which involve interaction with hardware.

How do you use forth in a sentence?

Forth sentence examplesHe paced back and forth across the room, deep in thought. … Linda texted back and forth with her husband for a few minutes. … She probably couldn. … There are two people who can call forth its power. … Go forth, and use your resources.More items…

How do you use repeatedly in a sentence?

Repeatedly sentence examplesShe would repeatedly use one for the other. … Only that he had repeatedly saved her life – at risk of his own, no less. … His sons and daughters are repeatedly spoken of. … But these outbursts of energy were too spasmodic, and popular opinion repeatedly veered back in favour of the peace-party.More items…

What is a word for back and forth?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for back-and-forth, like: from-side-to-side, seesaw, vacillating, zigzag, in-and-out, to-and-fro, alternating, from-pillar-to-post, up-and-down, backward and forward and changeably.

Is it back and forward or back and forth?

The phrases “back and forth” and “backward and forward” mean basically the same thing. The phrase “back and forward” seems to be an inconsistent combination of the two phrases. This particular phraseology may have been unintentional, as this seems to be the only time in the seven books that the author used it.

What is meaning of to and fro?

to and fro. Back and forth, as in He was like a caged animal, pacing to and fro. Strictly speaking, to means “toward” and fro “away from,” but this idiom is used more vaguely in the sense of “moving alternately in different directions.” [

What does confabulation mean?

Confabulation is a symptom of various memory disorders in which made-up stories fill in any gaps in memory. … This is why confabulation is often described as “honestly lying.” Someone with confabulation has memory loss that affects their higher reasoning.

What does so forth mean?

(idiomatic) Indicates that a list continues in a similar manner. quotations ▼ Synonym: and so on. Don’t forget to pack weather items appropriate for the climate: sunscreen, rain gear, and so forth.