Is It Compulsory To Stay In Hostel In AFMC?

What is the salary of AFMC doctor?

Emoluments: Doctors on commissioning in the AMC are granted the rank of Captain (or equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force) in the scale of Rs.

9450-9600-300-11400 plus rank pay Rs.

400/-, Non-practising allowance at the rate of 25% of the Basic Pay and Dearness Allowance (total emolument at minimum of Pay Scale (Rs..

How do I get AFMC 2020?

Candidates can go through the details mentioned below about AFMC MBBS 2020 Application form:The application form will be available through online mode on the website.Candidates can fill their application form from 27th October 2020.Students will have to generate e-Challan and pay registration fee in SBI bank.More items…

What are the benefits of joining AFMC?

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) is a premier medical institute of India acknowledged as a centre of excellence for education and research. The college provides training to undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students with assured career prospects in the defence services.

Do AFMC students get stipend?

What is the stipend given to the students during their training period? A. A stipend of INR 250 per month is given during the four years of training. An initial outfit allowance of INR 800 is given on joining the course and an outfit renewal allowance of INR 300 per year during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the course.

Is there any physical test for AFMC?

Medical Examination: All candidates will be subjected to medical examination as per the requirement of the Armed Forces and as per the laid down standards. … The candidates who have been declared medically unfit by the Medical Board of AFMC will not figure in the final merit list for admission.

Do medical students enjoy their life?

Of course medical students enjoy their lives. Studying does take up a lot of our time outside of classroom lectures and clinical postings but we do find time to do the things that we love. … We didn’t have a lot of money to go around but we did have fun in a way I can’t do now.

Is AFMC strict?

As AFMC is a college administered by military officials, students expect the college to be very strict when it comes to attendance, but the college is not as strict as other MUHS colleges. However, being an army-associated college, attendance is taken very seriously.

What is the salary of a military doctor in India?

The typical Indian Army Doctor salary is ₹14,38,394. Doctor salaries at Indian Army can range from ₹9,92,394 – ₹18,00,000.

Is hijab allowed in AFMC?

There is a separate Uniform for MBBS Candidates at AFMC. This is separate for both Boys and Girls. But the official website no where mentions Hijab. …

Is AFMC exam difficult?

The students have to prepare hard to clear this entrance exam. AFMC has limited no. of Seats only. So its quite tough to Qualify for the exam.

How is the life of a MBBS student?

Handling MBBS is not an easy task for me or for average student like me. During these months after joining this course,there was exhaustion of energy everyday. I am not able to learn all muscles, bones and their attachments so there is fear of scolding from professors every day.

Can I join AFMC after MBBS?

Originally Answered: Can we apply for the AFMC after completing an MBBS? No but you can apply for Army medical corps as a medical officer.

What is the fees for MBBS in AFMC?

AFMC, Pune MBBS Course and Fee Details:CourseDurationFeesMBBS4.5 yearsINR 64,9505 days ago

Is there ragging in AFMC?

In September 2005, the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), a country’s premiere medical college in Pune, was rocked with allegations of excessive ragging. In the past, the incidents were often dismissed as “physical reorientation” of juniors by the seniors.

Is it compulsory to live in hostel in medical college?

Is it necessary to live in the hostels of both private and government medical colleges?? Greetings, No it is not necessary to stay in the hostel of both private and government colleges. A hostel is provided for those who do not have a place to stay nearby or are not willing to stay somewhere outside.

Who is eligible for AFMC?

Eligibility criteria AFMC MBBS admissions The candidate must have completed 17 years of age as or on December 31 of the year of admission. The candidate must have secured at least 60% aggregate in Class 12th. The candidate should not be married at the time of admission and cannot marry during the course.

Can MBBS students be day scholars?

You are very lucky if you get to be day scholar in MBBS. So many perks, especially in first year, let me list them out. There is nothing to adjust to beyond the college environs and academic schedule. … You can make friends by offering your MBBS classmates home food, which is a big luxury they don’t get to have easily.

What should I wear for AFMC interview?

There is no prescribed dress code.It would be sensible to dress conservatively – by this i mean avoiding flashy/loud/punky clothes/accessories. … For boys, a plain (or with mild checks/stripes) light-shade shirt (full/half/tee) and dark belted formal trousers. … Avoid perfumes/deodorants which may not agree with everyone.More items…

How is life at AFMC?

Life at AFMC begins at 6 am, with an hour-long physical training session. Theory classes, discussions, symposia, dissections and practicals at labs keep the cadets busy till late afternoon. The institute has some of the best state-of-the-art medical teaching facilities in the country.