Question: What Does The Word Dispel?

What is another word for dispel?

Some common synonyms of dispel are disperse, dissipate, and scatter..

What does neatly dispelled mean?

verb (used with object), dis·pelled, dis·pel·ling. to drive off in various directions; disperse; dissipate: to dispel the dense fog.

How do you use dispel?

Dispel sentence examplesA realization he’d never touch them again didn’t dispel the feeling I was prying into his world. … But the brief exercise failed to dispel the glumness for more than a few moments.More items…

What is a antonym for dispel?

dispel. Antonyms: collect, recall, summon, convene, congregate, conglomerate, mass, accumulate. Synonyms: disperse, scatter, dissipate, drive away, dismiss.