Question: What Is The Synonym Of Commute?

What does commuting mean in insurance terms?


Commuting is the next class up, and covers everything included in Social, Domestic and Pleasure, plus driving to and from a permanent place of work..

What is another word for commute?

What is another word for commute?shuttletake the bus/subway/trainalternaterunshuntseesawtransporttaketransfercarry11 more rows

What does mitigate mean?

to make less severeverb (used with object), mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing. to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate. to make less severe: to mitigate a punishment. to make (a person, one’s state of mind, disposition, etc.) milder or more gentle; mollify; appease.

TO COMMUTE. To substitute one punishment in the place of another. For example, if a man be sentenced to be hung, the executive may, in some states, commute his punishment to that of imprisonment. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

What is another word for reliable?

SYNONYMS FOR reliable trusty, authentic, consistent.

How long is a commute?

The average American is traveling 26 minutes to their jobs—the longest commute time since the Census started tracking it in 1980, up 20 percent. Commutes longer than 45 minutes are up 12 percent in that time span, and 90-minute one-way commutes are 64 percent more common than in 1990.

What does commute to and from work mean?

The definition of commute means to travel between home and work, or to change one thing for another. An example of to commute is someone taking the bus from their house to their office. An example of to commute is to reduce a one year jail sentence to time served. verb.

What does it mean to come and go?

1 —used to talk about time that has passedMore than a hundred years have come and gone since the day of that famous battle. 2 —used to talk about people who appear and then leave as time passesShe’s seen a lot of employees come and go during her time in the company. Politicians come and go.

What does commuting someone’s sentence mean?

A commutation is a substitution of a lesser incarceration term for a greater one, or modification or reduction of a punishment, such as the change of an indefinite term to a definite term.

What’s another word for transportation?

What is another word for transportation?transportconveyancevehiclecarriageshipmentdeliverymovementtransferencetransferfreightage29 more rows

What is the synonym of Travelling?

SYNONYMS. journey, tour, take a trip, go on a trip, voyage, go on an expedition, go on an excursion, go sightseeing, globetrot, backpack. roam, rove, range, wend one’s way, cruise, hike, trek, tramp, ride, roll. cross, traverse, cover, make one’s way over, circumnavigate, go round, move round. move, go, proceed.

What is the antonym of commute?

Antonyms of COMMUTE remain, leave alone, bide, abide, increase, grow, intensify, hold, aggravate, endure, irritate, retain, stay, stagnate, keep, persist, lengthen, continue.

What commuting means?

A commute is a journey you take from home to work and back again. Your commute is your trip to work, and the verb commute describes making that trip — like your preference to commute by public bus. …

How do you use commute in a sentence?

Examples of commute in a Sentence Verb He commutes to work every day by train. She commutes 400 miles a week. The judge commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘commute.

What is a daily commute?

Commuting is periodically recurring travel between one’s place of residence and place of work, or study, and in doing so exceed the boundary of their residential community. It sometimes refers to any regular or often repeated traveling between locations, even when not work-related.