Quick Answer: How Long Are You On P Plates In Victoria?

How long are you on your green PS?

Your green Ps (provisional P2 licence) is valid for 36 months or until you get your full licence (which you can do after 24 months).

Your provisional P2 licence can be renewed after 36 months if you haven’t progressed to your full licence..

Can P platers listen to music Vic?

While you may not feel as though you are using your phone, under Victorian rules you are. Both P1 and P2 probationary drivers must never use any hands-free or hand-held device while driving, which includes listening to music.

What is the difference between red and green P plates in Victoria?

P1 vs P2. There are two kinds of probationary licence in Victoria: P1 (red P plate), which lasts for at least the first 12 months of probationary driving. P2 (green P plate), which normally starts 12 months from when you get your P1 licence and lasts for at least three years.

How much does Green PS cost?

Licence feesItemAmountLearner licence$25- Replacement learner licence$22Provisional P1 licence$59Provisional P2 licence$932 more rows•Aug 15, 2020

How many passengers on green P plates Vic?

A P1 driver or corresponding novice driver must not drive a motor vehicle with more than one peer passenger. A peer passenger is a person who is at least 16 but less than 22 years of age, but does not include a person who is: the spouse or domestic partner or.

Can P platers drive drunk passengers?

No it isn’t, at least in NSW. There is no law in NSW that makes it illegal to have an open alcohol container in your, and no law that prevents a passenger from drinking alcohol. Of course it’s legal, thats what designated drivers are for.

How long are you on your PS for Vic?

3 yearsLicence features: Your green Ps (probationary P2 licence) are valid for 3 years. As long as you have a good driving record throughout this period, you will automatically move onto your full licence.

How many passengers can a green P plater have?

Passenger limits for P1 and P2 drivers P1 drivers under 25 are not permitted to drive with more than one passenger under 21 between the hours of 11pm and 5am. P1 or P2 drivers who are issued with a new licence after a period of being disqualified from driving, will for 12 months only be allowed to carry one passenger.

What can you do on your green PS?

NSW Green P Plate Rules – Green P platers cannot drive more than 100km/h. – There is a 0.00% blood alcohol limit – you cannot have any alcohol in your system as a green P plater. – All mobile phone use is banned for green P platers, including hands-free and speaker phone.

Can Red P platers listen to music?

Learner and P-Plater drivers in NSW can no longer use a phone in any way while driving. This means no navigation, no playing music, no using a safe phone cradle, no nothing. … You must be parked out of the line of traffic to use your phone in any way.

Can P platers listen to music?

Can you use GPS on your phone while driving? Yes if it’s secured in a cradle; but not at all on learner, P1 or P2. Can you listen to music on your phone? Yes on full, as long as the phone is in a cradle or it can be operated via Bluetooth; no if your a learner or P1.

How long are you on your P plates for WA?

18 monthsDisplay your P Plates: You will have a provisional licence until you have ceased to be a novice driver and have reached 19 years of age during which time you have to display red for first six months and then green ‘P’ plates for 18 months.

How do I get P plates exemption in Victoria?

Step 1: Eligibility for your exemption to be considered You can only apply for an exemption if you: hold a current Victorian learner permit. have a clean driving record. can demonstrate undue hardship or provide proof of previous driving experience.

How many hours do you need to get your Ps?

120 hoursTo apply for your P1 licence (Red P’s) in NSW, you must be at least 17 years of age, have held a learner licence for at least 12 months and have logged at least 120 hours of supervised driving time including at least 20 hours of night driving (unless you’re 25 or older) in your Learner Driver Log Book.

When can you use P plates?

The truth is that there isn’t a specific period and it really depends on the driver. It is recommended that you use them until you feel fully comfortable, which could be days, weeks, or months! Keep your P plates for as long as you think is necessary.

When can you get your P plates in Victoria?

You must be at least 18 years of age and a Victorian resident to be eligible to apply for a probationary driver licence.

How long do you have to be on your red PS?

12 monthsOnce you’ve held your P1 licence for at least 12 months, you can progress to the next licence stage and apply for a provisional P2 licence. You need to hold your P2 licence for at least 2 years (24 months) before you can upgrade to an unrestricted licence.

Can P platers use Bluetooth phone?

It is now against the law for P1 and P2 licence holders in NSW to use their phones in any way while they are driving. The new law means no P-Plater can talk on their phone even if it is connected to a Bluetooth handsfree systems. … Even using the phone on speaker in your lap is illegal.