Quick Answer: How Much Does Matterport Scan Cost?

Can I download a Matterport tour?

Just tap the picture to view a Matterport Space.

The Space will download from the internet and open in 3D Showcase.

If you do not see the download icon, the Matterport Space is already downloaded to your device.

You can also tap the download icon on the top right while you are exploring a Space..

How do I create a virtual tour?

How to make a virtual tour using your Iphone or AndroidOpen the Google Street View App.Under the tab “private” click on the camera icon.In the pop-up – click the camera icon again.Point the camera to the orange dot and what until it has taken it’s first image.More items…

Can you use Matterport outside?

Matterport is proud to announce the latest enhancement to the Matterport 3D solution – 360° Views. With 360° Views, you can now capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include with your immersive 3D walkthroughs – no additional equipment required.

How do you use a Matterport pro2 camera?

Scan your first modelChoose your starting point. … Open Matterport Capture on your iOS device.Tap “Capture 3D Scan”. … Choose the next placement point for your camera. … Tap “Capture 3D Scan”. … Move the camera five to eight feet from your scan point. … Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the property has been scanned.

How long does a Matterport scan take?

Most residential homes (2000 ft2 or 185 m2) can be done in 50 to 75 scans. Altogether, this means it takes about 25 min to 38 minutes to scan a typical residential home (2000 ft2 or 185 m2).

Can you rent a Matterport camera?

Rent a Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera Kit at TheLensDepot.com.

How much does Matterport services cost?

If a house is 1000 sqft, then absolutely most MSPs would expect $150-$200 or more. If a house is 10,000 sqft I doubt many people in residential real estate (i.e., real estate agents) would be willing to pay $1500-$2000.

How do you do a Matterport scan?

Scan the spacePlace the camera at your first scan location.Open Matterport Capture on your device.On the home screen, tap the + button to create a new model. … Stay hidden during each scan. … Tap the Capture 3D Scan button to begin your scan. … Cancel a scan. … Preview your scan.More items…•

How do I make a virtual tour for free?

Free and Open Source Virtual Tour Software1 Lapentor (free) Lapentor is the free virtual tour creator software that will make the virtual tour interactive and informative in your businesses. … 3 Marzipano (free and open-source) … 4 Makevt (free) … 5 Vtility (free) … 6 Paneek (free) … 7 Panoroo (free) … 8 eyespy360 (free) … 9 Matterport 3D Showcase (free)More items…

How much is Matterport worth?

Matterport had raised just under $63 million prior to this and had been valued at around $207 million, according to PitchBook estimates. This current round is coming from existing backers, which include Lux Capital, DCM, Qualcomm Ventures and more.

How much does a 3d virtual tour cost?

You can’t make a 3D tour by walking around the property with just any camera. Most companies that create 3D virtual tours use the Matterport 3D camera, which costs around $4,000 – plus ongoing monthly costs charged to the technician for processing and hosting the videos.