Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Emissions?

What is another word for emitted?

In this page you can discover 92 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for emit, like: give out, discharge, give off, vomit, project, let off, let out, cast out, eject, release and spit..

What does diction mean?

Diction refers to the linguistic choices a writer makes to effectively convey an idea, a point of view, or tell a story. In literature, the words used by an author can help establish a distinct voice and style.

Are carbon emissions pollution?

Though many living things emit carbon dioxide when they breathe, the gas is widely considered to be a pollutant when associated with cars, planes, power plants, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas.

What does emission mean?

An emission is something that has been emitted—released or discharged. In general, emissions consist of things like gas, liquid, heat, sound, light, and radiation. … This exhaust is just one form of carbon emissions—greenhouse gases from various sources that are known to contribute to global warming and climate change.

What does per capita means?

the average per personPer capita is a Latin term that translates to “by head.” Per capita means the average per person and is often used in place of “per person” in statistical observances.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word intense?

Antonyms for intenseslow.soft.stupid.superficial.unimportant.unintelligent.weak.low-key.More items…

What means utter?

The adjective utter is often used as an intensifier to mean “total” — often with negative connotations (like “utter failure”). As a verb, the word has a totally unrelated meaning: to speak or to articulate a sound. If you utter something, you give it voice.

What is the synonym of emission?

ɪˈmɪʃən) The act of emitting; causing to flow forth. Synonyms. egress venting discharge radiation emergence egression emanation.

What is the opposite of emission?

Opposite of that which is emitted or sent out. absorption. concealment. containment.

What is mean by emitted?

verb (used with object), e·mit·ted, e·mit·ting. to send forth (liquid, light, heat, sound, particles, etc.); discharge. to give forth or release (a sound): He emitted one shrill cry and then was silent. to utter or voice, as opinions. to issue, as an order or a decree.

What is the opposite of omission?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a failure to fulfil a moral or legal obligation. conscientiousness. accomplishment.

What is the meaning of carbon emissions?

Definition of Carbon Emission Carbon emission is the release of carbon into the atmosphere. To talk about carbon emissions is simply to talk of greenhouse gas emissions; the main contributors to climate change.

What’s another word for per person?

What is another word for per person?each oneapieceeach personperper capitaper head

What is per person sharing?

Per Person Sharing – This is the price quoted for a person sharing a room with another person. Per Person Single/ Single Room Occupancy – This means that the price quoted is for one person in a room. Pax – Number of people or passengers in a travel party.

What is a void?

noun. Definition of void (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : opening, gap. b : empty space : emptiness, vacuum. 2 : the quality or state of being without something : lack, absence.

What causes carbon emissions?

Direct emissions are produced by burning fuel for power or heat, through chemical reactions, and from leaks from industrial processes or equipment. Most direct emissions come from the consumption of fossil fuels for energy.

What is a synonym for carbon emissions?

Synonyms for carbon-dioxide CO2. carbonic acid. carbonic acid gas.