Quick Answer: What Is Required To Certify A Car In Ontario?

How much does it cost to certify a car in Ontario?

The cost of a safety certificate is between $60 and $90 (plus any necessary repairs) and the certificate is valid for 36 days from the inspection date..

What do mechanics check for safety Ontario?

In 2016, Ontario implemented the Passenger/Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard which all auto shops in Ottawa follow….Our 36-Point Car Safety Inspection ChecklistBody work.Seats and seatbelts.Frame components.Mirrors.Windshield Wipers.Lamps and Reflectors.Speedometer.Fuel system.More items…•

Can I sell my car without a safety certificate in Ontario?

The situation in Ontario is the same as in Manitoba: you can buy a used vehicle privately without getting a safety standards certificate from a licensed inspection station, but you’re going to need one to register the car anyway, so it’s wise to get it done before you put your money down.

Does a car have to be certified to sell in Ontario?

First, this is necessary for private sales only; if you use a car buying company like Sell My Car or Trade-In your car you do not need this and can save your time. Every time a car changes ownership in Ontario it requires a Safety Standard Certification before the changes can take place and new plates can be obtained.

Does Canadian Tire do vehicle safety inspections?

Canadian Tire garages across Canada are licensed to provide to standard inspections. … Just make sure that in looking for a good deal you don’t allow someone who is unqualified to charge you without providing the necessary vehicle inspection documentation.

How much does it cost to get a safety standard certificate in Ontario?

FeesProduct2018Safety Standard Certificates$100 for each book of 20 certificates.Annual Inspection Certificates$25 for each book of 10 certificates.Semi-Annual Inspection Certificate$10 for each book of 10 certificates.Structural Inspection Certificates$50 for each book of 10 certificates.5 more rows