Quick Answer: Who Is Responsible For Building Regs?

Who enforces building regulations UK?

A local authority has a general duty to enforce the building regulations in its area and will seek to do so by informal means wherever possible.

If informal enforcement does not achieve compliance with the regulations the local authority has two formal enforcement powers which it may use in appropriate cases..

The Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2018 require owners, builders, and registered construction professionals to demonstrate through the Statutory Register of Building Control Activity that the works or building concerned have been designed and constructed in compliance with Building Regulations.

Can you start building without building regs?

There is a continuing contravention of the functional requirements of the Building Regulations, also. if you start work that requires a Building Regulation application without having the intension of submitting one, ,and. if you occupy or use a new building without having obtained a certificate of completion.

What works require building regulations approval?

most repairs, replacements and maintenance work (except heating systems, oil tanks, fuse boxes and glazing units) new power and lighting points, or changes to existing circuits (except around baths and showers)

What happens if you build an extension without building regs?

In addition, as well as possibly invalidating your insurance, the local authority may also serve an enforcement notice on the building owner requiring alteration or removal of work. Failure to get Building Regulations approval and the necessary certification can also have an impact when you come to sell the property.”

How long before building regs are not required?

In terms of building regulation compliance, the reality is that the council have to take action within 12 months of the work being completed, although it is open to them to serve a dangerous structure notice at any time if there is reason to.