Quick Answer: Who Is The Least Popular In NCT?

Another reason why NCT may not super popular is because they number of members they have.

Constantly adding on more members is gonna eventually gonna be a problem and new fans are gonna have a hard time memorizing them all..

Which NCT member is closest?

The closest ones are probably Taeyong & Doyoung, even if it might not seem like it at first. Taeyong is leader of all those members, gets tired at times, Doyoung despite usually making fun of him, fighting with him, is person who helps Taeyong the most.

Why did NCT U disband?

On May 13, Xportsnews reported that the group actually disbanded because of sexual relations between one of the members, who is in his early 20s, and a female staff member, who is in her late 30s.

Is NCT a failure?

Ever since they debuted 3 years ago, sm has been pushing them non stop-more than any other group. Considering the ridiculous amount of content and promo nct got, their place in industry today is kind of underwhelming.

Who has tattoo in NCT?

NCT 127’s Johnny Confirms His Tattoo And Reveals The Touching Meaning Behind It. It’s just as much for him as it is for fans. During NCT 127’s promotions for “Punch”, fans noticed something different about Johnny’s arm.

Who’s the youngest in NCT?

JISUNGAt only 16 years old, JISUNG is the current maknae (youngest member) of the group. That only makes his popping and locking as one of NCT DREAM’s main dancers all the more impressive, as he displays a polish beyond his age.

In Japan, the most popular are Yuta. Jaehyun, Winwin, Haechan, and Taeyong in NCT 127. Most popular Dream member is still Jaemin, followed by Haechan. These two members are noticeably more popular than other members in Dream.

Who is better BTS or NCT?

NCT overall has more talent than BTS BECAUSE they have WAY more members as a whole, how can you compare a 7 member group to a 21 member group, it makes NO sense at all.

Who is Jaehyun’s best friend in NCT?

Jaehyun is also very close with Yuta and they both have fun and act like partner. Jaehyun is also close with Johnny as mentioned, they hosted a radio show together.

Will NCT disband?

Units like NCT U and NCT DREAM will continue to exist as long as SM breathes, since they are not fixed units. But units like NCT 127 is hard to tell if they are going to stay. 127 will either disband or add new members after the current ones are gone. So, yes, it’s very likely it will disband but not anytime soon.

Who is Jaemin closest to in NCT?

MarkJaemin and Mark Mark and Jaemin got closer because they both debuted under the same unit, NCT Dream. Mark is the oldest member and leader who graduated from NCT Dream in 2018. Jaemin and Mark are close because they are members who care for one another.

Who is taeyong closest to in NCT?

Taeyong is closest to Doyoung, jaehyun, Johnny and Yuta. Mark and Haechan are BFFs. Mark is also close with Johnny, Jaehyun and Taeyong. Everyone loves WinWin, Taeil and Taeyong.

Who has the deepest voice in NCT?

Lucas, He has the most deepest voice in nct, they all know it! ( listen to his voice in yestoday and boss! ) Jisung, even though he is the maknae he does have a deep voice after puberty lol.

Is Lee taeyong left handed?

taeyong is actually right-handed, because the vlive where he customised his shirt was flipped!